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Slovenská pošta
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vintage Czechoslovakia field lamp - (NOS)

These beautiful looking vintage field lights are directly from the old mil. surplus. Very nicely preserved and in its original factory finish. Each lamp needs to be rewired. We have removed the original very heavy 14 meters long rubber cord with plug. Thanks to the adjustable steel holder it may be utilized as a spot light. Some additional information that you may find useful: weight of the steel shade including the bakelite top: around 800 - 830g. Width of the lamp shade in around 215 mm. Material: steel (lamp shade and holder). Bakelite: top of the lamp with the lightbulb holder. Socket type: E27. Color: army olive green (lamp shade and holder). Brown: bakelite. Although the field lamps are new old stock and really nice looking pieces, there are already some longer storage marks and also some barely visible little dents caused by moving and transportation on some of them. You have to look really carefully to notice them. There are also some small oxidation spots at some places, but considering the age, only really small ones. You have to expect patina on the small untreated metal parts.  As already mentioned before, we have removed the original heavy 14 meters long rubber wire with plug, so the lamps needs to be rewired. The bakelite top on the steel shade is easily removable using the push-turn-pull movement. There is an opening for the cord instalation. We have kept the old rubber protection against the moisture there, but you can easily remove it, if you do not like it by unscrewing the bakelite screw. Also you can easily unfold the bakelite top (via screws), when you will install the new cord. Please look at the gallery pictures for more details.

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