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Slovenská pošta
price:79.51 $
Set of matched tubes 2 x 6J1P-EV + 2 x 6N6P (NOS)

Full replacement set of USSR tubes for Little Dot amp. 2 X 6N6P (6H6П) power double triode tubes made in Nevz, Novosibirsk in 1983. High quality tubes with gold grid. Direct replacement for chinese 6N6 tubes. 2 x 6J1P-EV (6Ж1П-EB) pentode tubes. High durable and long life (more than 5000 operating hours) tubes with gold-platinum grid. Made in Voskhod, Kaluga in 1975. Direct replacement for chinese 6J1 tubes. All tubes are measured on russian L3-3 tester.
(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)