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price:79.51 $
US army flashlight FULTON MX991/U - (NOS)

The Fulton MX991/U army flashlight in olive green color (military version). The development started on the onset of the Vietnam War and the contract was given to the Fulton Industries. It is simple, unexpensive, waterproof angle head flashlight  that uses two D-cell batteries and PR6 flashlight bulb. In the bottom part of the MX991/U you can find one spare bulb. It features a high-impact plastc body, clip for belt or strap attachment. There are three positions of the multi-mode switch: 1.OFF 2.SIGNAL (morse code communication using the small button above the main swith) and 3.OFF.  Flashlights are unused, but longer time stored, so you have to expect some small scratches or abrasions on the plastic body. Overall in excellent condition. 
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