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Slovenská pošta
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Dear customer / Vážený zákazník,

we would like to inform you, that due to the current situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be able to deliver our items only to the following countries: Slovakia, Czech republic, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, United States and Ukraine. Effective Thursday, March 26, 2020, until further notice. We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation and wish you all the best in the upcoming days.

z dôvodu pandémie COVID-19 vieme zabezpečiť doručovanie zásielok len do nasledujúcich krajín: Slovensko, Česká republika, Bielorusko, Estónsko, Fínsko, Kanada, Litva, Lotyšsko, Nemecko, Rakúsko, Slovinsko, Spojené štáty americké (U.S.A) a Ukrajina. S platnosťou od 26.3.2020 až do odvolania. Vzniknutá situácia nás veľmi mrzí a držíme Vám všetkým palce a prajeme veľa síl do nadchádzajúcich dní.

Best regards / S pozdravom RETROSTORE.EU
pulse triode GI-14B - (NIB)

Russian pulse triode GI-14B (ГИ-14Б) with maximum anode dissipation of 500W. Tubes were made in the former USSR around the 60's. It is ancestor of the more known GI-39B (ГИ-39Б) tube and also offers almost the same performance. Production of the GI-14B tubes started back in the middle of the 50's and was still active until approximately middle of the 70's, at this time it was replaced with newer model GI-39B. New old stock tubes, longer time stored items in original cardboard protection boxes. Datasheet (in russian) included. Tubes are around 60 years old and they do have longer storage marks, like clearly visible patina on the exposed silver covered parts. Years of production may differ. Please see the full gallery for more details. 

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)